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My practice is open to adults 18 years of age and older. I typically work with mature individuals, twice a month, long-term.



My psychotherapy practices focus is on self-awareness and transformation. Mindfulness is central to my practice as are compassion-based therapies. I am interested in helping my clients to lead deeply joyful lives imbued with meaning and purpose. Drawing on wisdom teachings, I provide psycho-educational support to those wanting to live a contemplative life which often includes a relationship to silence, a deliberate slowing down, service to others, and time for solitude and retreat. 


Life comes with its share of pain and discouragement. Aging is marked by grief. If we are blessed with longevity we are sure to encounter the loss of family and friends, the diminishment of good health, the letting go of careers or activities that carried meaning and purpose, and the death of dreams that were never realized.  We may also develop death anxiety and become more fearful in general.

On the other hand, growing old is wild with the possibility of becoming the person we’ve always longed to be. While sometimes painful, the barriers and losses we encounter are also opportunities for growth and healing. Moving into the winter of our lives, it is possible to encounter a freedom that our younger self did not allow.


Aging invites us on a path of creativity, deep meaning, and true joy. 


I supervise and mentor psychotherapists, spiritual directors and others in the caring professions who are interested in the areas of aging, and Contemplative Psychotherapy. I have over 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist and almost 10 years of experience as a supervisor and mentor. I am particularly drawn to working with those who wish to explore aspects of the unconscious and to integrate this learning into their practice. I am of the understanding that skillful therapists do their own inner work, hence my style of supervision integrates self-awareness with personal development teachings and exercises. 

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